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Meet Tiffany Shutta, Your Local Reverse Mortgage Specialist. Proudly Serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey:

Tiffany Shutta
"I wanted to make a difference in senior homeowners lives, which is why I decided that the reverse mortgage industry was right for me"
Tiffany Shutta
HECM Loan Specialist, NMLS #139062
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For homeowners age 55* and older, a reverse mortgage is a powerful financial tool that offers financial flexibility by turning part of the equity in your home into funds you can use as you choose.


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"I can't thank you enough for all the work you did to make my Reverse Mortgage possible! With today's economy it was difficult to be sure about my financial future. You lessened my worries. All the forms and paperwork were well taken care of by you, easily and quickly! You were always available, helpful and you always returned my calls. Tiffany you help folks stay in the homes they love! You are so friendly and caring! I would absolutely recommend you to friends and family to save their homes. Tiffany you are the best! -Kay M."
"There is everything you need. In terms of information and conditions, I am satisfied with everything"
"Excellent Loan quality and Support. Took out loan several years ago and recently refinanced. All went very smoothly with efficient and courteous agents. Only gripe was not being able to access data and get advances online, which has now been corrected with good online access."

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