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About Me

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to working with you.

Rachel Hemmingson specializes in helping older adult homeowners understand what a reverse mortgage is. Rachel started in the industry in 2016 and has educated many individuals on the benefits of a reverse mortgage. She is extremely passionate with helping homeowners find a manageable reverse mortgage solution that is suitable for their life.

“What I enjoy most with working in this industry, is being able to help my peers think strategically about their lives and what loan option works best for them and their situation,” said Rachel.

She is currently a member of the Oregon Gerontological Association and volunteers with HomeShare Oregon, where she educates members on how to prevent housing instability, foreclosure, and homelessness. She has also previously volunteered in various roles with VillagesNW.org and at Age Friendly in Portland.

Rachel has lived in Portland Oregon since 1981. She enjoys dancing, gardening, and listening to all live music that Portland has to offer. She also enjoys Portland’s parks and tree-canopied neighborhoods.

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