Mary Alice Cardenas

I have helped over 1,000 seniors remain in their own homes through the use of reverse mortgages.

Working with financial planners, estate planners, bankers, certified public accountants, and senior care advocates, I help the clients of senior service providers to use this valuable financial tool. I know that increased financial stability and portfolio longevity are essential to supporting the retirement that seniors have worked to achieve, and I understand how a reverse mortgage can help.

My reverse mortgage success since 2005 draws on my previous professional experience in senior care and real estate. I hold a Master’s degree in Public Health and have an extensive background in senior healthcare. I value older adults and their experiences. It’s rare that I don’t learn something from my clients, which helps me live a more meaningful life. My background with, and deep caring for, older Americans has made me a respected reverse mortgage specialist. I am proud of my Spanish heritage and am bilingual, providing an added value to clients.

I am available for private consultations and group presentations.

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Mary Alice Cardenas
Reverse Mortgage Specialist, NMLS #468646
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