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Meet Mark Yerke, Your Local Reverse Mortgage Specialist. Proudly Serving Several States, Based Out of Ohio:

Mark Yerke
"As a homeowner myself who has gone through the reverse mortgage process, I’m able to provide my clients with all of the benefits that the loan offers and I can help them with making their financial responsibilities less stressful"
Mark Yerke
HECM Loan Specialist, NMLS #487724
Call 614-332-8574  |  Email Me

For homeowners age 55* and older, a reverse mortgage is a powerful financial tool that offers financial flexibility by turning part of the equity in your home into funds you can use as you choose.


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"I had four loan quotes RMF beat them all!!!!"
"There is everything you need. In terms of information and conditions, I am satisfied with everything"
"Excellent Loan quality and Support. Took out loan several years ago and recently refinanced. All went very smoothly with efficient and courteous agents. Only gripe was not being able to access data and get advances online, which has now been corrected with good online access."

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A video message from Mark:

We are proud to continually earn high praise from our customers.

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