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About Me

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to working with you.

Linda Stearns is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist who enjoys educating and helping
her clients with their reverse mortgage needs. Linda started in the industry
in 2017 and has a drive for meeting new people and teaching them about the
solutions a reverse mortgage can offer.

Prior to joining the reverse mortgage industry, Linda was a licensed realtor.
She enjoyed having a positive impact on her clients and assisting them through
their homeownership goals. So much so, that she eventually became a licensed
mortgage broker. When she originated the first few reverse mortgage loans, that’s
when she realized how much she enjoyed working with the older generation and
how rewarding the experience was. Linda now currently specializes in unique loan
products that can have a significant impact on one’s financial future.

“Since I am an older adult myself, I have had the same life experiences as most of
my clients,” said Linda. “I enjoy working with the older generation and being able
to help them understand what a reverse mortgage is.

Linda lives in Ridgway, Colorado and enjoys playing pickleball, mountain biking,
hiking, camping, skiing, music, and art. She has previously held a license as a CPA
and graduated with a BBA in Accounting.

Contact Linda Stearns to learn about how she can help you with your reverse
mortgage needs!