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Meet Karen White, Your Local Reverse Mortgage Specialist. Proudly Serving California:

Karen White
"Having been in this program for many years, I have had the opportunity to personally observe the positive change the benefits of the reverse mortgage make in the life of older homeowners"
Karen White
Reverse Mortgage Specialist, NMLS #745701
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For homeowners age 55* and older, a reverse mortgage is a powerful financial tool that offers financial flexibility by turning part of the equity in your home into funds you can use as you choose.


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"Karen White is marvelous she guided me through the Mortgage process every step of the way. She always answered my questions in a very timely manner. I would gladly recommend her services to anyone. Thank you"
"I really appreciated the assistance from Ms. Karen white to get thru all the difficult stages of the Reverse Mortgage Funding process for my mom's property. She has been warmly coordinated for me/my mom with all the parties, including recommending the mandatory consultation company. She arranged the appraisal of the property, even found the ways to get my mom's swimming pool covered to pass the re-inspection for the loan company to approve, then the Notary public. She followed thru from the beginning to the end, always called me before I called her about the next step. She explained clearly during the application, clarified all my doubts. For years, I had tried to apply the RMF to help my mom stay at the home she loves, but always hesitated. This time, Karen made it happen. Thanks a Million!!! Grace Yei"
"Thanks to RMF Our loan RMF specialist Ms. White provided me with help, guidance, and knowledge for me to help my mother, myself, and my siblings keep our home and better plan and prepare for our financial futures. Mostly, I'm grateful that my mother will be taken care of and able to stay in her home."

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We are proud to continually earn high praise from our customers.

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