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About Me

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Geoffrey possesses the unique skillset and experience that we require from our managers, and thus, we believe that by pairing his expertise with our resources, we will benefit from increased interest in our company and stronger brand awareness throughout California and beyond. In addition to Citibank and Bank of America, Mr. Wallace comes to RMF after spending time in the reverse mortgage divisions at Urban Financial Group, MetLife Bank, Golden Gateway Financial and Wells Fargo. Throughout his career, Geoffrey has held various executive level positions, and demonstrated the ability to meet aggressive profitability and growth goals. 

Mr. Wallace, who is licensed to practice in California, Oregon and Nevada, has a proven track record of successfully leading and managing large teams, mentoring individuals and developing top industry talent. “Having spent the majority of my career in the reverse mortgage industry and gotten to meet many talented individuals, I am really impressed with how many of them now work for RMF, which is why I was very excited to join the company,” said Mr. Wallace. “I am very intrigued by the opportunities at RMF and the ability to work with financial planners and grow its market share throughout the west coast. I look forward to working with and learning from my new teammates, and am confident that my extensive experience and perspective will help our company attract new high-end talent and cultivate further interest in reverse mortgages amongst Baby Boomers.”

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