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About Me

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to working with you.

Evelyn Seidman’s rich life experiences make her a respected reverse mortgage
specialist. She is dedicated to helping people age 55+ meet their financial needs,
improve their quality of life, and add peace of mind during retirement.

“My father was diagnosed with dementia and helping him has driven me to
become an advocate for older Americans facing fiscal difficulties, especially with
medical costs.” She says that “My goal is to properly educate people on how
reverse mortgages work so that they can ease their financial worries and improve
their quality of life by tapping into their home equity to gain a better retirement.”

“All of the clients I have worked with throughout my reverse mortgage career
have taught me a lot. They have so much wisdom. I have learned greatly from
them and feel truly blessed to have gotten to know them!”

In her free time, Evelyn works with older adults and is part of the Chamber
of Commerce. She also loves animals and nature, especially her big dog that
she likes to take on hikes. She has two children and looks forward to being a
grandmother one day.

Contact Evelyn Seidman to learn about how she can help you with your reverse
mortgage needs!