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RMF customers share their experience working with us

I’m proud to have earned the trust of so many happy borrowers. Read what clients have to say about their experience working together.

"I would highly recommend Reverse Mortgage Funding. We had a few snags in the process, but Ed Frankel went out of his way to get things straightened out. All in all we are very pleased with the customer service we received."
"My wife and I are both thankful that ED guided the whole process for us. His professionalism and expertise gave us confidence. Thanks Ed Frankel!!"
"There were a lot of hoops jump just when you think your done there something else that comes up But all in all The RMF team work hard on it and got done Took a few months to complete< there is a lot of FHA rules to follow But again RMF is very professional and know how reverse Mortgage work , Edward Frankel was my loan Specialist and was very good , if i had question he always answered them one way or another any day of the week , he would use Email and phone Thank you RMF"
"Great service. Very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend."
"The experience with RMF was very positive. My loan agent worked with me promptly through the bid process and was able to match any other competitor. He was constantly in contact with me throughout the loan process and helped me manage adjustments to the final numbers. Highly recommended"
"Get the best deal through RMF. To begin with, I first contacted the other guys and received their offer. Then, I called RMF and without telling them about the other offer, RMF offered me a FAR higher offer. I was impressed how easy it was to do all the paperwork involved. Everything was done at our home. I needed to provide several documents proving my income and expenses as well as payment history. Then a phone call from someone who independently explains what a Reverse Mortgage is as well as your rights and responsibilities are. A few weeks later the appraiser did a quick appraisal. About 10 days after that we signed the final papers and 6 days later the check arrived. It really was an easy process. My advice would be to first make certain you really want to stay in your house. If so, go with RMF since they offer much more than the other guys and then use your money to spend on the things you really want for your house. WE are building a pool!"
"Excellent!! Very competent. No fuss and no mistakes service. Questions answered promptly and accurately. Highly recommend."
"I recently refinanced my reverse mortgage with RMF. Everything was done by phone and online except the closing. The process was easy and everyone I spoke with was respectable and considerate of my situation and time."
"I was very satisfied with the whole experience and would recommend them to anyone thinking about getting a reverse mortgage."