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Meet Ed Badrak, Your Local Reverse Mortgage Specialist. Proudly Serving Washington and California, Based Out of San Diego:

Ed Badrak
"I wanted to make a difference in senior homeowners lives, which is why I decided that the reverse mortgage industry was right for me"
Ed Badrak
HECM Loan Specialist, NMLS #302807
Call 619-857-4422  |  Email Me

For homeowners age 55* and older, a reverse mortgage is a powerful financial tool that offers financial flexibility by turning part of the equity in your home into funds you can use as you choose.


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"Edward Badrak made this refinance of my current reverse mortgage as easy as possible. I very much appreciated being able to reach Edward anytime by phone, email or text message. I will surely recommend him to anyone inquiring about a reverse mortgage. Thank you Edward!"
"Ed Badrak helped us through the reverse mortgage experience in every step. We would have given up if it wasn't for him. He was our cheerleader in this process. We couldn't have done it without him."
"Hello. My name is Guillermo Romulo. I apologize for the very late response to write about my experiences with Mr. Ed Badrak. First, I want to say that I am a 69 years old deaf man. In the beginning, I made a few inquiries about a reverse mortgage. I only communicate via texts and emails. A nice gentleman, I forget his name, responded via email and introduced me to Mr. Ed Badrak. He is a very nice gentleman and was very patient with me to explain from start to finish about a reverse mortgage. He was with me every step of the process. He clarified things for me and he helped me to understand how things work. In the beginning, things went swimming well until I started having problems with the counseling. I had a very hard time getting someone to communicate with me via text messages and or email as I have my own cell phone and a small tablet. I was surprised that no one wants to text me. The response was always, "Call us by the telephone." I was perplexed why people won't do business using text messages. I was also surprised that businesses still use this antique TTY when almost everyone uses cell phones and tablets. Regardless, I let Mr. Ed Barack, know about my frustrations with trying so many times with many different counseling services. I gave up for a while. Mr. Ed Badrak was quick to understand my communication dilemma and how I put up with no one willing to contact me via texts. He tried his very best to help me find someone from counseling. It went on and off for the next few months. Until one day Mr. Ed Badrak found someone in the Riverside County. At first, I had trouble communicating with this guy. I am not a technical geek and I don't understand a lot of things going on in the Internet world. He suggested that I try something called text to speech and text to speech. For this, I went to visit a T-Mobile and to seek the help from a technician. Eventually, a few things were clarified for me and the technician showed me how it works. In the meantime, I kept Mr. Ed Badrak, informed. After a little trouble, the counseling guy and I, finally got to communicate using my cell phone. We texted forth and back and I answered his questions and a few other things. I was relieved that things went well. Mr. Ed Badrak returned to help me to complete the last steps of the process including a visit from a lady who asked me to sign and she certified a lot of paperwork. That brought closer to an end to the process and to getting myself accepted. The lady was very nice and understanding. Like I said, Mr. Ed Badrak was with me every step from start to finish. He is a very sympathetic and understanding gentleman with great patience to help me to understand things. I was happy to receive my reverse mortgage money and it gave me peace of mind. I am very grateful to Mr. Ed Badrak. I recommend him to anyone seeking his services. Mr. Ed Badrak, I thank you very much and I am grateful for everything you have helped me. Best wishes, Guillermo Romulo."

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A video message from Ed:

We are proud to continually earn high praise from our customers.

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